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Leading the creation and growth of digital products

About Me

I believe in the power of technology to enrich lives, and I'm passionate about leading creative, agile teams to build great digital experiences.I’ve led product management and strategy teams for organisations in multiple industries for over 20 years. Developing a broad range of skills and experiences to launch and grow innovative products.I love to work with organisations that are on a mission, and allow me to lead teams that build innovative products that solve user’s problems.

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Current Role:
Executive Product Manager @ BBC

Key Skills

Digital Strategy

Thinking about the “big picture”, predicting future needs, and creating the plan to succeed:

  • Developing a long-term vision, objectives and roadmaps for digital products

  • Understanding the market, customers and stakeholders to get the right product fit

  • Investigating emerging technologies to create new product opportunities

Product Management

Building successful products, finding creative solutions, and driving innovation is my passion:

  • Expertise in Product Management and User Experience

  • Vast experience in implementing Agile methods (Scrum and Kanban)

  • Proficient in leading design, development, analytics and data management activities

Leadership & Mentoring

Embed me with a delivery team or in a boardroom. I enjoying working across an organisation:

  • Natural leader, with excellent communication skills

  • Ability to bridge technical, operational and c-suite personnel to better unify organisations

  • Focused on building strong relationships - influencing, challenging and coaching others to achieve excellence

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