Neil Byers

Senior Digital Product Manager

Product management.
Digital by default.

As a Product Manager it’s important to have a wide knowledge and experience of the digital space. So through my work I’ve ensured that my skills are far ranging.

I have experience in many digital areas, including:
  • User Experience
  • Agile Software Development
  • Strategy
  • Design and Development
  • Information Architecture
  • Marketing
  • Analytics

I use all these skills to lead digital products from idea, through development, to launch and beyond.



It always starts with the users. Understand their needs, their problems, and empathise with the person on the other side of the screen. Explore the competitive landscape and identify the opportunities. Define the goals and firm up the requirements.


Functionality before form. Get your solution created and make it work. Smooth the user’s journey, solve the edge cases. Then polish it (move that button 3 pixels to the left) and move from functional to pleasurable.


Test with real people against actual problems. Combine insights with gut intuition and experience.

Iterate, iterate and iterate again to improve.

I Can

Providing digital tools for primary pupils to help them understand their skills, interests and personality.

My World of Work

Redesign, redevelop and relaunch the award winning career service website for over 600,000 users.

Skyscanner flight map

Creating a new flights map to increase conversions and aid in destination discovery.


I really enjoyed working alongside Neil as one of my clients. He has a real enthusiasm and drive and could be always be trusted to brief projects with detail, intelligence and clear direction. He has a great collaborative approach to work and, as a result, our teams loved working with him. Neil is a talented product manager and manages to cut through the nonsense to keep things on track!

Kirsty Johnston

Digital Account Director, LEWIS Creative Consultants

I worked with Neil as part of the management team at s1 and was very impressed by his knowledge of digital trends and strong project management skills. His ability to work across technical, sales & marketing teams made him an extremely effective contributor to a successful business unit.

Stephen Currie

Commercial Leader

Neil is an excellent digital professional with a real enthusiasm for what he does. Working with Neil at Scottish Power he was integral to several of the major developments made over the last few years and ensured the customer experience was paramount across every digital touch point.

Christopher Brennan

Senior Search and Social Strategy Manager - Digital Marketing, ScottishPower

Neil is a skilled technical project manager and team leader, experienced in delivering both small and large-scale web build projects. He also demonstrates a real understanding of the needs and demands of other areas of the business, making him a valuable member of the overall management team.

David Craik

Managing Director, Bright Signals