Neil Byers

Neil Byers

Neil Byers

Leading the creation & growth of digital products

Why I work in digital technology


I believe in the power of technology to enrich people’s lives, and I'm passionate about shaping a better experience for customers and organisations.

To do this I lead cross-functional, agile teams to create and grow innovative products. I provide strategy, leadership and technical expertise to solve user's problems.

I've worked in leadership roles in the media, energy, travel and public sectors since 2001, so I have a wealth of experience to help organisations shape, develop and grow their products.

How I do it

I've developed a wide range of skills, these are the key ones:

  • Strategy


    I like to think about the “big picture”, how products can develop and what the future might bring:

    • Developing long-term vision and objectives
    • Creating and launching complex products
    • Implementing organisational change through technology

  • Product Management


    Building digital products, providing creative solutions and driving innovation is my passion:

    • Vast experience in Product Management, User Experience, Design and Development
    • Agile and operational expertise
    • Experience with integrating websites, apps, and APIs to create powerful applications

  • Data


    Understand customers better, remove guesswork and build better products:

    • Creating “data-driven” infrastructures for analytics and testing
    • Identifying data integrations to provide unique opportunitiess
    • Data visualisation and reporting for better communication

  • behavior by Nithinan Tatah from the Noun Project


    Embed me in a development team or in the boardroom; I work across an organisation:

    • Natural leader, with excellent communication skills
    • Ability to bridge technical, operational and c-suite personnel
    • Strong relationships skills, influencing, challenging and coaching others to achieve operational excellence

What others say

  • Neil has a real enthusiasm and a collaborative approach to work and our teams loved working with him. Neil manages to cut through the nonsense to keep things on track!

    Kirsty Johnston ˗ Digital Account Director, LEWIS Creative Consultants

  • Neil is a skilled leader and has a real understanding of the demands of other business areas, making him a valuable member of a management team.

    David Craik ˗ Managing Director, Bright Signals

  • Impressed by his knowledge of digital trends and strong management skills. His ability to work across functions make him an extremely effective contributor.

    Stephen Currie ˗ Commercial Leader