Course Management Tool

Project Description

In 2017 the Scottish Government replaced the long standing Individual Learning Account (ILA) scheme with an Individual Training Account (ITA). Making it easier for job seekers and low paid workers to gain access to qualifications and skills training. Provided by Skills Development Scotland, ITAs give people access to up to £200 per year for training and skills development.

Launching and maintaining this new scheme required the integration of new processes and systems. The focal point of this integration was the Course Management Tool.

Project Details

Client: Skills Development Scotland
Date: October 2017
Skills: Product Management, User Experience, Design

Multiple system integration

Multiple functions

The project involved the creation of a new Course Management Tool to administer the scheme. Allowing training providers to create and manage courses, as well as applying for ITA funding.

The tool also allows SDS Customer Services to manage users and courses, and link the ITA providers to a 3rd party system for processing payments.

A new online application form was created. Allowing learners to apply for up to £200 in funding for a course that they found on My World of Work.

All these functions were created and managed through the Course Management Tool.



Previously all course information was stored on the My World of Work site, which had lead to the site becoming excessively large and inefficient.

Creating the new Course Management Tool as a microservice allows for the processing of incoming feeds, the direct input from the Training Provider, and ultimately the creation a unified API output that powers the My World of Work course search.

Removing this functionality and data from My World of Work freed up space, increased the site speed, and improved the efficiency of the site.

Courses managed

Training Providers Registered

My Role

I led the design, development and integration of the Course Management Tool, from it’s initial inception to launch in October 2017

  • Gathered requirements, created user journeys, and wrote user stories for project briefs
  • Designed the tool using Semantic UI, reducing the requirement for separate design and front end coding stages
  • Project managed development of the tool, and the integration with 3rd party systems