Project Description

Provided for pupils in primary 5 to 7, Ican provides a number of digital tools for pupils to use to better understand their interests, skills and personality. It also allows teachers to access a range of support materials to aid delivery in the classroom.

There are 3 fun, interactive and easy-to-use tools for pupils.

Animal me: A fun quiz that lets pupils explore their personality. At the end, they’re assigned an animal and given some ideas about the types of career that might suit their personality

My interests: Lets pupils find out how their interests and likes can help them when they’re making decisions. Their results will give them some ideas about jobs they might be interested in for the future

Skills builder: Linked directly with the ‘I can’ statements in the Career Education Standard, this tool provides a way to evidence and report on skills development, attainment and profiling

Project Details

Client Skills Development Scotland
Date August 2016
Skills Product Management, User Experience, Project Management

Simple up front, complicated behind the scenes

Designing for a younger audience

One of the overriding principles when it came to creating “ICan” was to ensure that it was engaging and useable for a younger age group. So we created a new style guide which utilised bright colours, larger imagery and buttons. The site was written in a style that our younger users could understand.

Additionally a solution to the normal email and password login process was required, as the users are too young to have an email!

Modular Tool Integration

While the user facing side had to be simple and eye catching, behind the scenes there were complex interactions required.

Creation of multiple APIs to integrate with 3rd party tools, and a complex admin system for the teachers to manage the pupil’s accounts.

To maximise development effectiveness, we released the tools iteratively. With improvements applied regularly based on feedback from teachers and pupils.

This modular nature allows for future expansion without the affecting the core functionality.


As well as the tools created for pupils, the project incorporated the development of administration tools for their teachers.

Accessed through the teacher’s account, the system allows the creation, management and reporting for pupils.

Teachers can also access resources which help them use the tools, plan lessons, and explain outcomes to pupils, and how that might relate to their future careers.

Pupils Registered

Primary Teachers

My Role

I operate as the Product Manager for the development of the Ican system, overseeing all aspects of its development, launch and subsequent improvements.

  • Developed the initial concept and wireframes
  • Managed the development of the teacher and pupil accounts
  • Worked with the 3rd parties to integrate their tools into Ican