My World of Work Relaunch

Project Description

My World of Work offers essential career tools that gives Scottish people, from school through to retirement, the best possible chance of achieving their work aspirations. The service offers a unique mix of tools, features and job information to help people discover more about themselves and the future world of work.

Originally launched in 2011, the site underwent a major overhaul during 2015 improving the design, tools, and underlying technical structure, before launching the new site in January 2016.

Project Details

Client Skills Development Scotland
Date January 2016
Skills Project Management

Refreshing a large site

Multi-departmental project

By the time I joined the team in October 2015, the development of the site had been ongoing for over 2 years and involved many different departments, developers, and stakeholders. In order to achieve the go-live date in January it was vital to ensure that all parties’ requirements were taken into account when launching the final product. Communication, documentation, and collaboration were the order of the day!

Managing the scope

There are a number of features on My World of Work, however redeveloping all of them for the new site would have meant an unacceptable time frame for launch. By introducing a Minimal Viable Product, and agreeing on a list of features that were vital for our users, the project team were able to create a more focused site that could be launched in January.


Launching the site

Through the agreement of the MVP, all user and site data was transferred, and the new My World of Work was launched on the agreed deadline. Since launch the site has gone from strength to strength and has seen a number of improvements delivered as part on a continuous improvement programme by the in-house development team.


Years development

New Website


My Role

I joined the project at a late stage (October 2015) as the Project Manager, with the simple remit of steering the site through the final stages of development and launching in January 2016.

  • Lead the development team to complete all outstanding build tasks
  • Manage the transfer of over 600,000 user records from previous site to new site
  • Plan and execute the launch of the new site