Skyscanner Flights Map

Project Description

The flights map allows users to select a departure point and see where in the world they can go from that point. It had limited functionality due to it being built in flash and suffered from a poor user experience when trying to progress to booking the flights.

By gaining an understanding of it’s use, we were able to create a more inspirational and useful flight map experience.

Project Details

Client Skyscanner
Date August 2015
Skills Product Management, UX Research, A/B Testing

Map Conversions Boosted By 73%

UX Research

When it came to developing a new map, we undertook a lot of user research, looking at various map offerings, to find out user’s likes and dislikes, and in particular what they actually use a map for. This gave us some great understandings on the journey we want them to take.

Rebuilt for the future

We assessed all the various map tools at our disposal, but eventually settled on using Google Maps as the base, as it provided the right level of detail and functionality that we required, including the ability to operate on mobile devices, when we were ready to launch that feature.

A/B testing

We ran the new map as part of an A/B experiment against the old map. The change in conversion rates was outstanding with users entering the new flights map, converting 73% higher compared to the old map.

team members

month build

new map


conversion increase

My Role

As the Product Manager for the Flights Map I oversaw the entire development of the new version.

  • Working with UX researchers to establish best practises and user requirements
  • Liaising with designers and developers to create the new version
  • Creation and analysis of the A/B test and global roll-out plan